Le Ténébrisme en fleurs

Le Ténébrisme en fleurs  (Chiaroscuro Floral Still Life)


"The budding of the emerald and chartreuse green sprouts on trees and branches in springtime, as well as the ephemeral snow angels the chiaroscuro photographer would create as a child in the white snow of Moscow are evoked throughout this work in hues of lavender and blue against the soft darkness of the background.  


The transparency of the moment calls to mind the fluid interplay of time, present and past, which is blurred by the moment captured.  Flecks of crimson and brick-red adjoin stark white, as the eye is beckoned to gently caress the edges and visual textures of the shapes, laying bare the reality of the ephemeral presence of our existence, by showing the viewer a fleeting moment captured by his lens."

by Linette Quanrūd